HINAKO New Lucky Bord Limired Hair!!!!

Hello everyone is HINAKO Current participation in the 2012 Hair Fair Ah I have a very prime To be involved, supported by a variety of way, the language was a conversation while using the machine translation How to support us is really nice I felt gratitude and excitement that each time

Lucky board was replaced the items in the main store Has a summery flower Lucky color is pink board also limited color

(Group Only Lucky Bord Hair Limited color)

Summer. South. Tan. Vacation. . . Image, such as I think up to you and enjoy

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::Hair Shop HINAKO::main srore

at the store is nas.p Lucky there are different types of hair board to ground

Please come to get the Lucky board of a new limited hair please We are looking forward to welcome

We also set up a subomi doll that can be transferred Gacya!!!